Shipping Updates

I have shipped the first 4 orders of the Hasselblad Instax Back, hurray. A bit of a milestone, all sorts of little unexpected delays, but a lot more mature product now.

Serial numbers 5 and 6 will ship at the end of February 2022, I will be on vacation till mid February.

RB67 backs and kits are going to be shipped up to orders placed before January 11th 2022, I will resume the production in mid February as well.

order status and upcoming products

I’m catching up with the Hasselblad Instax Square back orders, shipped 2 and 2 more to go out by the end of this week.

My instax wide manual back is on hold pending time to finish the design. As well as the conversion to using Itype cameras for Polaroid backs, the same lack of time.

But lo and behold, two new things on the pipeline:

1- a dslr scanning adapter for film from 35mm to 6×8 (separate masks for each film), with a manual film feed using rollers. This is already done and printed, in testing phase, I’ll probably put it on the market in late February 2022.  I will price it substantially less than existing adapters on the market. Sure, it’s mostly all 3d printed, but it should work fine. – PS working on a 4×5 holder as well. You’ll need to use your own lightsource, but I don’t see that as a major problem. Planning to use a simple LED panel for start.

2- an integral Polaroid Back for Fuji GX-680 cameras. This is a special project and really in the early design phase. It’ll probably _not_ reach infinity focus with most native GX-680 lenses, but may if using 4×5 lenses on the camera. Stay tuned, I’m really excited about this one.

Hasseblad Instax Square Back production delays (not that bad, and fixing it)

1) i’ve encountered some issues with the fiber optic plate pressing too hard on the film and preventing eject for the first couple of pictures. It’s been a bit difficult to fix since it requires a lot of experimentation and had to print a lot of drafts at full resolution (.1mm layers), and that takes about 1.5 days from print start to the test. I’m getting very close. I was also sick for a bit, had a bit of unplanned travel, etc.
2) given all that, I am hoping/planning to ship the October 2021 orders mid next week (~December 14th).
3) I know i’m way over the estimate, my apologies. Should have beta tested this a bit more before release.
4) this of course allowed me to make a few other minor fixes, but yes, not an excuse.

two Impossible Labs on the way, also more Mamiya Instax Wides soon, and yes, maybe the Hasse Instax SQ :D

If you’ve expressed interest in a complete Polaroid back for your RB67, MUP or P600SE, I have two Impossible Labs on the way so that means some of you will get notifications of availability, be on the lookout for an email from me ( alin tolea) sometimes next week.

Also, I have a complete Mamiya Instax Wide almost dolled up with all the brackets, etc, just waiting for the cable releases, and have two more Fuji Instax wides to be converted, so I should have 3 of these ready by next week!

And yes, I may have found a solution to build that motorized Hasse Instax SQ back after all, upright frames and automatic frame counter and automatic eject, but I no dark slide, at least for the prototype. No promises, BUT i may something working in a week, No additional anything needed for infinity focus.

a few Impossible Labs in stock, ready to mod, also kits are now available again.

I have a few IP labs in stock, ready to be made into Polaroid Backs. I’ve listed them all under the Polaroid Film Back for Mamiya RB67 (only) – itype, type 600, SX70 film page, but I can build a MUP/P600SE back instead, just add it in comments.

Also, I have quite a few separate RB67 kits ready to be assembled, these are JUST the kits, not the complete backs.

The lead time for any of these is about 4 weeks.