Super Big Shots – Big Shots for modern Polaroid film, and with a flash sync port and flash included – available for pre-order

Long story short, I have parts to make 3.

Watch the how to :

Get it in the Candy Store :

And yes, I can make you one with your own Big Shot and you get a $50 discount.

Impossible Lab conversion kits now for Polaroid 600SE !

So after getting inquiries from several instant media photographers on FB groups, I managed to get off my but and redesign the Instant Lab conversion kit to fit the Polaroid 600SE connectors!

It only took a week of design and drafts, but it’s now officially on the market and available, at the same price at the kits/backs for the MUP/RB67.

A word of caution, just as using these on Mamiya Universal Press cameras, because of the camera eyepiece, the converted Impossible Labs need to be mounted with the eject slot down.

This means the photos will have the chemistry on top. And of course, like with all these conversions, they’ll still be mirror imaged left-right.

Also, just it’s the case with MUPs, the same eyepiece prevents the dark slide removal once the back is attached, so one need to take the dark slide out beforehand. This is unfortunate, but alas, the limitation of the conversion.

I am working on an alternate location for the dark slide for this, but cannot promise anything at the moment…

So go ahead, order one!