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Hasseblad Instax Square film back for System V. Motorized one touch eject, dark slide, infinity focus. Please rate film at ISO 400 for this back. No other accessories needed.

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Introducing Hsq, a motorized, one touch eject, infinity focus enabled Instax Square film back for Hasselblad V system cameras.

Use any Hasseblad lens, no need for anything else (like a front mounted filter)

Features a full metal mounting plate and a Hasselblad style dark slide – you cannot release the shutter unless you remove the dark slide. Did I also mention the photos eject up and they have the correct, chemistry at the bottom orientation?

Batteries (2x CR2) and one 10 frames Instax Square film cartridge included.

These will be made in a very limited run and for now available only on order to build (I have the parts but it’ll take me a bit to make them), with an estimated completion time of 5 weeks from the placement of the order. All end of Nov 2021 orders and later will ship after NYE 2022, I don’t want these to get lost in the mail. All Oct 2021 orders are shipping at latest early December 2021, hopefully arrive before xmas.

Why is this so expensive? In order to reach infinity focus on these, one needs to move the image plane quite a bit (there’s only a few mm-s from the metal mounting plate to the image plane in a Hasseblad V back). Some builders use a negative lens attached as a filter to the lens.  I use a custom ordered Fiber Optic Plate to transfer the image from the focal plane to the instax film surface. It’s expensive.

Due to the design, there’s an approximate 1 stop light loss in the fiber optic plate, so please rate the film at ISO400 (instead of the ISO800 box speed). Do test though, one frame should be enough to tell.

The back has a 5 year parts and labor warranty, I’ll pay for the return shipping to you. This does not include accidental damage (dropping it may break/chip the internal Fiber Optic Plate for example).

Shipping if free CONUS and Canada. For other destinations, the shipping calculator should be accurate. If you get some outrageous shipping quote for another destination, do contact me and I can send you an invoice with the proper amount for shipping (about $50 priority mail, about $75 express mail).

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