Polaroid Land x Lomograflok – shoot instax wide with your Polaroid Land packfilm camera!

Well, I did it. I am now offering a conversion service for your own Polaroid Land Packfilm camera, any model.

You send me a camera with a working shutter, I convert it and ship it back to you.

Read all about it on the corresponding product page, then contact me and order a conversion service for your beloved packfilm camera which now can shoot new and available instax wide film.

Well, you’d need to buy your own Lomograflok, but the Lomograflok slides in and out so you can use it on this camera as well as on your fancy pants 4×5 camera. Yeah, even a graflex with graflok hooks!

Order away and let’s keep these cameras alive and shooting!

Super Big Shots – Big Shots for modern Polaroid film, and with a flash sync port and flash included – available for pre-order

Long story short, I have parts to make 3.

Watch the how to : https://analogue.studio/portfolio/super-big-shot-how-to/

Get it in the Candy Store : https://analogue.studio/shop/super-big-shot-polaroid-big-shot-with-strobe-sync-for-polaroid-itype-or-type600-film/

And yes, I can make you one with your own Big Shot and you get a $50 discount.

Upcoming products !

When someone asked me “what’s next” at Polacon NYC almost one year ago, I didn’t think anything else would be on the pipeline.

Lo and behold I’m working on two projects, both very close to a working prototype and then production:

  • A Polaroid Big Shot adapted to shoot modern integral film AND with a flash-sync socket + an “dumb” flash on a removable bracket on top. Just add film and shoot! Don’t have a name for it yet, my dear friend Gregory Hevelin makes these with instax wide backs and calls them Big Stax and Mario makes a redesigned from the ground up version with a large format lens and calls it Big Roid. I decided the Big Shot is a fixed focus rangefinder designed to do one thing – flash portraits and went Gregory’s way, but for Polaroid film.
  • Polaroid Land cameras adapter to shoot Instax Wide using your own Lomograflok! Yes, it’s possible, and apparently without messing with the rangefinder! I will mod my second Polaroid 195 to do this, and a few Polaroid 250, 350, and 450 I have around! And I will be offering this as a service for your own Polaroid Land camera! I’m very excited about this one

I’m also working on two other little related project, both Instax Wide based:

  • Rehouse Fuji Instax Wide guts to make an Instax Wide back with Polaroid 600SE hooks – but this will ONLY work on the Polaroid Portrait 203 cameras – too long of an explanation why not on a Goose. This would have centered hooks, automated eject but still no film counter.
  • Rehouse Lomo Wide guts, but to add a Mamiya Universal Press Mount on it for a better looking Mamiya Instax Wide zone focus camera with a film counter and automatic eject, and MUCH better viewfinder compared with the current mod based on Fuji Instax Wide.

And no, I’m still not making Instax Square backs for Mamiya RB67, there’s already a very affordable solution out there .

RB67 and RZ67 Polaroid Backs shipping updates

Yay, I fixed the little annoying light leak I discovered post beta testing in the RZ67 Polaroid back and I am now resuming shipping, the first two orders are out the door on July 5th!

Also resuming work on the RB67 nextgen backs, shipping order 3 of 7 (first batch) on Wednesday as well, and with a little luck, even 4 of 7.

All remaining first batch orders should ship by end of next week (July 14th).

RZ67 Polaroid Back News

For those waiting for a Polaroid Back for their RZ67, based on available Polaroid hardware, the wait is almost over. I have received the first shipment of laser cut metal lock rings and currently printing the final version of the adapter top. With a bit of luck, I will have a working prototype this weekend, and will bring it to Polacon NYC for a few lucky people to test.

To reiterate, this will have a dark slide, automatic one button eject, and on off button, and will function on 4 AAA (replaceable) batteries

Stay tuned!