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Polaroid Land x Lomograflok user guide

Here’s a short video demonstrating the use of a Polaroid Land (automatic) x Lomograflok, a Polaroid Land automatic camera converted to use a Lomography Lomograflok to shoot Fuji Instax Wide film. Using a manual Polaroid Land is similar, just no batteries and of course, manual metering. Meter Instax Wide at box speed (800). You can […]

Super Big Shot – how to!

Thinking of buying one of the new and amazing Super Big Shots and shoot modern Polaroid Film using a modern flash? Here’s a short demo of this awesome Andy Warhol transformative camera. Go pre-order yours in the Candy Store!

Shooting a Polaroid 120 (or 110,110a,110b) with a Lomography Lomograflok

So you want know how to shoot Instax Wide prints with one of my modded Polaroid Land 110, 110a, 110b, or 120 cameras! The video below is a demonstration of the Polaroid 120 I build for a dear friend in California, using his camera and Lomography Lomograflok. The Lomograflok is removable and slides an an […]

Analogue Studio RB67 Polaroid Back (nextgen) how to

Here’s a short video tutorial on using the new version of the Analogue Studio Polaroid Back for Mamiya RB67. In short: remove the revolving adapter from the camera (it unclasps on the bottom) mount the Polaroid back instead, clasp it back turn on the Polaroid back – little switch on the back eject the film […]

Analogue Studio Mamiya RZ67 Polaroid Back – user guide !

So you’ve bought or thinking of buying a Analogue Studio Mamiya RZ67 Polaroid Back . Good move, not only this will inject life in your maybe now unused Mamiya RZ67, but it will also make it work with new and available Polaroid integral film (not the postage stamp GO film or Fuji Instax, beware). I shot […]

Build your own replacement battery for the Impossible Project Instant Lab

A short how to video on the making of a replacement battery for an Impossible Project Instant Lab

Analogue.Studio Polaroid Back for Fuji GX680 – use and installation

Analogue.Studio Polaroid Back for Fuji GX680 – use and installation

Analogue.Studio Hasseblad Instax Square Back Demo

Here’s a updated demo of the operation of the newly released Analogue.Studio Hasselblad Instax Square Back. NOTE: Not obvious in video. Please attach the back with the body uncocked. Cock the body only with the dark slide out. Replace dark slide only when the body is uncocked, when you can also remove the instax square […]

Impossible Project Lab Battery Replacement How To

IP Lab Battery Dead? Buy a replacement pack do and replace it your self!

Analogue.Studio Mamiya Universal Press (or Polaroid 600SE) Polaroid Back conversion

Instructions for converting a Impossible Lab into a Polaroid Back for Mamiya Universal Press or Polaroid 600SE.

How to use the Analogue.Studio Polaroid Back for Polaroid 600SE or Mamiya Universal Press

How to for Analogue Studio Polaroid Backs for P600SE / Mamiya Universal Press

How to use the Analogue.Studio RB67 Polaroid Back

How to use Analogue.Studio Direct to RB67 Polaroid Backs

Install your RB67 Impossible Lab conversion kit!

Impossible Lab Polaroid back conversion kit installation!

How to prepare an Impossible Lab for conversion for a Polaroid Film Back

Impossible Lab Disassembly

How to use the scanning masks

Scanning Masks howto