Polaroid Film Back for Mamiya RB67 (only) – itype, type 600, SX70 film


Impossible Lab conversion kit direct to Mamiya RB67, or fully converted Impossible Labs. Lifetime service and battery replacement.

April 16th 2021 update: I am currently on vacation (till April 28th) so any new orders will start shipping around May 1st 2021 – my apologies, I’m a one man shop :).



Introducing a direct to Mamiya RB67 conversion kit (or fully converted back) for Impossible Project Impossible Labs.

You’ll be able to use all new Polaroid Film on the market ( itype film, type 600, SX70), as well as old stock Polaroid Integral film (type zero, type 600).

This is NOT for instax film.

This is all you need to either convert your own Impossible Project Lab into a Polaroid back for your Mamiya RB67 (any version). You will need a now discontinued Impossible Project Lab to do your own conversion. Does NOT work with the new Polaroid Labs. I can also do the conversion for you (at no additional cost) if you send me your own Impossible Lab – and can also replace the battery (at additional cost for your lab).

I  am also selling complete and fully converted Impossible Project Labs, just select “Yes” under Add Impossible Lab.  No assembly required, you’ll get a complete, ready to use Polaroid Back!

The chemistry is down in the resulting prints, and the dark slide and automatic eject are preserved. The image will still be mirror reversed.

All complete backs sold by me (as in you selected Add Impossible Lab) come with a new battery, and free lifetime replacement service for the battery.

As opposed to my hybrid Impossible Project Lab Polaroid Back for Mamiya Universal Press / RB67 you do NOT need a P adapter to use this on your Mamiya RB 67, but you do lose the ability to use it on a Mamiya Universal Press.

Available in black only, with a limited choice of the color for the eject button or “check dark slide” sticker, either black or whatever colored plastic I have around (I noticed red makes the letters much easier to read).

Price is shipped CONUS, please do contact me for shipping outside US, I will send you an invoice with the correct shipping amount reflected.

April 16th 2021 update: I am currently on vacation (till April 28th) so any new orders will start shipping around May 1st 2021 – my apologies, I’m a one man shop :).

April 19th update – I am completely out of stock on the complete backs, with a waitlist already.

As of April 19th, I have two people on the waitlist, please contact me on instagram/facebook if you’d like to be added.

I do now have an estimate on how long it’d take to have them in stock again, I am buying Impossible Labs as I find them.


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Impossible Lab Included

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24 thoughts on “Polaroid Film Back for Mamiya RB67 (only) – itype, type 600, SX70 film

    1. i updated the stock!
      but please do keep in mind that any new orders will ship after may 1st, i’m on a 10 day vacation 🙁

  1. What type of film does this shoot? Can you clarify what impossible lab means and is this fully assembled vs unassembled? Is this the impossible projects’ film (the one that runs polaroid and what film stock – 600?). Does this work with instax? I cannot understand these points and have no idea what this is or is not.

    1. Great questions:
      – It shoots modern Polaroid Integral Film – itype, SX70, Polaroid 600 – as well as any old Polaroid 600, Type zero.
      – It does not work with instax = different film differend company (Fuji makes instax).

      1. Will you make a back that takes fuji instax film for the RB67? There was a Company that did and then disappeared.

        1. Hi Kris,
          Yeap, working on an Instax SQ back. Meantime, look for David Lago de Montaña in Facebook, he makes them (but he’s in Denmark).

    1. Hi!
      I’m already offering this for MUP and P600SE too!
      It only works if one has at least 10mm of backfocus or so.
      This happens to be the case with RB67, Mamiya Universal and P600SE. You’ll notice how these three systems were using the same original Polaroid Back for Packfilm.

  2. Any idea if the complete included kit will come back into stock, if not I can try myself just figured I’d look to see if stock for the entire package was coming back up

    1. Hi Adam,
      As soon as I find more Impossible Labs! I am unfortunately dependent on the limited inventory of these now discontinued polaroid processing platforms. I am working on an itype camera based design but that will not come around till September at the earliest.
      You can join a short wait list if you wish.



  3. Would love to be on the mailing list for the fully assembled kit or when the type kit comes out. Thanks for making such awesome things.

    1. Hi Emily,
      Unfortunately no, that’s the Polaroid Back for Packfilm (peel apart). You can use it on your RB67 as is, but with old FP-100C or Polaroid 667 film (or other similar film).
      You would need an Impossible Lab for this kit to work.


    2. What should I do if I only got a RB67 and want to shoot with your polaroid back?
      I have no ideas about impossible lab.
      Thank you

      1. you can:
        1) look for an Impossible Lab on ebay
        2) add your name to a waitlist for a converted one :). Let me know if you want to do the latter !

  4. Hello I would like to be added to the waiting list for the film back with impossible lab. Thanks!

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for your great job!
    Please put me on the mailing list for the fully assembled kit.

    Thank you
    Jens Häusler

  6. Hi Alin,

    Please add my name to the waiting list for the complete/ready to shoot RB67 back.

    Many thanks

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