Impossible Project Polaroid Back for Mamiya RB67 (only)


Impossible Lab conversion kit direct to Mamiya RB67, or fully converted Impossible Labs



Introducing a direct to Mamiya RB67 conversion kit (or fully converted back) for Impossible Project Impossible Labs.

This is all you need to either convert your own Impossible Project Lab into a Polaroid back for your Mamiya RB67 (any version).

Fully converted Impossible Labs also available.

The chemistry is down in the resulting prints, and the dark slide and automatic eject are preserved. The image will still be mirror reversed.

As opposed to my hybrid Impossible Project Lab Polaroid Back for Mamiya Universal Press / RB67 you do NOT need a P adapter to use this on your Mamiya RB 67, but you do lose the ability to use it on a Mamiya Universal Press.

Available in black only, with a limited choice of the color for the eject button or “check dark slide” sticker, either black or whatever colored plastic I have around (I noticed red makes the letters much easier to read).

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