Mamiya RZ67 Polaroid Back (all modern Polaroid integral film)


Mamiya RZ67 Polaroid Back (for all modern available Polaroid integral film, SX70, type600, and itype)

All November 2023 orders will ship before December 8th 2023.

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All November 2023 orders will ship before December 8th 2023.

Introducing a modern Polaroid Back for the Mamiya RZ67 series of cameras.

This takes any modern Polaroid integral film (SX70, Type 600 or Itype).

The back has a dark slide,  single push eject, an on/off button on the back, and works with 4 replaceable AAA batteries housed in a battery holder under the removable cover on the back.

Due to physical constraints with the Mamiya RZ 67, the back mounts sideways – and cannot be rotated, therefore the chemistry will be on the side.

The dark slide is opposite the eject slot, so it’s also on the side of the camera, thus allows one to place the camera down without interference from the dark slide.

If you want to see this in action, I shot a video demo and you can watch it on the dedicated page on the Rescue Me section of this website!

And two important notes:

As is the case with ALL Integral Polaroid backs, the image will be mirror reversed. The mirrored image is from the design of the integral Polaroid film (film is exposed from the front), meant to be used in a camera with a built in mirror (light path is folded 90 degrees in all Polaroid cameras)

In addition, the image will have a ~2 mm border on all sides and corners will be cut.  This is NOT a defect of the kit/back. The border/corners shading are from the Mamiya RZ67 film mask  (~68x68mm vs the 75x75mm Polaroid image size, and with cut corners). You can clearly notice the shape of the film mask if you take off the film back.

You can clearly see the shape if the mask in all sample images and the mirrored text on the Tshirt in one of gallery photos.

All November 2023 orders will ship before December 8th 2023.

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