Impossible Lab to Polaroid Film Back for Mamiya RB67 conversion kit (NOT A FULL BACK)


Lead time is 2 weeks for all early 2024 orders

Impossible Lab conversion kit direct to Mamiya RB67 OR ready to use Polaroid Backs for Mamiya RB67.

Note: the $135 conversion kit is NOT a complete Polaroid Back. You need your own Impossible Project Lab to turn it into a Polaroid Back. Read full description below for more.

Lead time is 10 days for all orders.


Lead time is 2 weeks for all early 2024 orders

Introducing a direct to Mamiya RB67 conversion kit  for Impossible Project Polaroid Labs.

This is NOT a complete film back and you will need to find your own Impossible Project Polaroid Lab (NOT the new Polaroid Labs).

I do not sell complete backs based on Impossible Labs anymore, if you want a complete back, see the new Mamiya RB67 Polaroid Back product page! Those are not based on the now very hard to find Impossible Labs.

Also, this is NOT for instax film.

The is all you need to either convert your own Impossible Project Lab into a Polaroid back for your Mamiya RB67 (any version). You will need a now discontinued Impossible Project Lab to do your own conversion. Does NOT work with the new Polaroid Labs.

You’ll be able to use all new Polaroid Film on the market ( itype film, type 600, SX70), as well as old stock Polaroid Integral film (type zero, type 600).

If you find/have your own Impossible Lab, I can also do the conversion for you (for a fee – $150, please contact me for an invoice) if you send me your own Impossible Lab – and can also replace the battery for an additional charge (please select the appropriate option with your kit).

Here are instructions on how to disassemble your Impossible Lab for conversion. And here are instructions on how to convert the Impossible Lab into a Polaroid Back using this kit.

If ordering a conversion kit, I strongly suggest you wait till you have the Impossible Lab and test if it charges (as in plug it in, see if the charging light goes off and press the eject button and see if it makes eject sounds).  Preferably also try it with a dummy film pack, some labs have been showing signs of aging and only partially eject the frame. I cannot fix that, at all.

Most batteries in Impossible Labs are dead and they will require a replacement. I make and sell fresh battery packs (built from scratch) and I have instructions posted on how to replace it them. Just select “Yes” under the “replacement battery” option.

I suggest you replace the battery _before_ you proceed with the conversion to Polaroid Back.

The chemistry is facing down in the resulting prints, and the dark slide and automatic eject are preserved.

The image will be mirror reversed, and will have a ~1.5mm border on all sides for the RB67 or a thinner border + some corner shadings for the Pro-S and Pro-SD.  This is NOT a defect of the kit/back. The border/corners shading are from the Mamiya RB67 film mask  (72x72mm vs the 75x75mm Polaroid image size, and Pro-S Pro-SD have some corner shading). The mirror image is from the design of the integral Polaroid film, meant to be used in a camera with a built in mirror (light path is folded 90 degrees in all Polaroid cameras)

Also, be aware that because of the RB67 film mask (72x72mm) and since the Polaroid Image Area is 78x78mm, all pictures will have a think black border around them. Nothing do be done about that, that’s the way all RB67s are built (they’re for 6cmx7cm frames, it’s in the name).

You do NOT need a P adapter to use this on your Mamiya RB67. It mounts instead of the revolving back adapter (unclasp the Revolving Back, mount the Polaroid Back, clasp it back).

Here’s a short video on how to use a complete back.

Available in black only, with the  “check dark slide” “sticker” and the frame counter either in black or red, depending on what I have  (I noticed red makes is a lot easier to read), please state your preference- subject to availability. I usually make the frame counter arrow a different color than the dial (red on black or viceversa).

US/Canada/Mexico shipping is free, and the international shipping calculator should work now.


Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in
Ready to Use Polaroid Back or Impossible Project Lab Conversion Kit

Complete Polaroid Back, Conversion Kit Only

Replacement Battery

Yes, No

51 thoughts on “Impossible Lab to Polaroid Film Back for Mamiya RB67 conversion kit (NOT A FULL BACK)

    1. i updated the stock!
      but please do keep in mind that any new orders will ship after may 1st, i’m on a 10 day vacation 🙁

  1. What type of film does this shoot? Can you clarify what impossible lab means and is this fully assembled vs unassembled? Is this the impossible projects’ film (the one that runs polaroid and what film stock – 600?). Does this work with instax? I cannot understand these points and have no idea what this is or is not.

    1. Great questions:
      – It shoots modern Polaroid Integral Film – itype, SX70, Polaroid 600 – as well as any old Polaroid 600, Type zero.
      – It does not work with instax = different film differend company (Fuji makes instax).

      1. Will you make a back that takes fuji instax film for the RB67? There was a Company that did and then disappeared.

        1. Hi Kris,
          Yeap, working on an Instax SQ back. Meantime, look for David Lago de Montaña in Facebook, he makes them (but he’s in Denmark).

    1. Hi!
      I’m already offering this for MUP and P600SE too!
      It only works if one has at least 10mm of backfocus or so.
      This happens to be the case with RB67, Mamiya Universal and P600SE. You’ll notice how these three systems were using the same original Polaroid Back for Packfilm.

  2. Any idea if the complete included kit will come back into stock, if not I can try myself just figured I’d look to see if stock for the entire package was coming back up

    1. Hi Adam,
      As soon as I find more Impossible Labs! I am unfortunately dependent on the limited inventory of these now discontinued polaroid processing platforms. I am working on an itype camera based design but that will not come around till September at the earliest.
      You can join a short wait list if you wish.



  3. Would love to be on the mailing list for the fully assembled kit or when the type kit comes out. Thanks for making such awesome things.

    1. Hi Emily,
      Unfortunately no, that’s the Polaroid Back for Packfilm (peel apart). You can use it on your RB67 as is, but with old FP-100C or Polaroid 667 film (or other similar film).
      You would need an Impossible Lab for this kit to work.


    2. What should I do if I only got a RB67 and want to shoot with your polaroid back?
      I have no ideas about impossible lab.
      Thank you

      1. you can:
        1) look for an Impossible Lab on ebay
        2) add your name to a waitlist for a converted one :). Let me know if you want to do the latter !

  4. Hello I would like to be added to the waiting list for the film back with impossible lab. Thanks!

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for your great job!
    Please put me on the mailing list for the fully assembled kit.

    Thank you
    Jens Häusler

  6. Hi Alin,

    Please add my name to the waiting list for the complete/ready to shoot RB67 back.

    Many thanks

  7. Hello Alin,

    will you please add me to your waiting list for the complete/ready to shoot RB67 back, too?

    Best regards!

  8. is there a waiting list for (orders fully assembled) out of stock orders, if so how long ?

    1. yes, there is one, and i just placed you on it. however, i have no way of telling when i find enough labs to satisfy the demand :(. i am on constant lookout.

    1. I am taking a break from conversion kits orders. Let me put you on a list till I come back in August.

  9. Hi! I was interested in being added to the waitlist for the complete/ready to shoot RB67 back!

      1. I would like to order your Polaroid Film Back for Mamiya RB67 (Impossible Lab Included “no” version) , but I would like to ask you to ship it outside the United States. Could you email me a quote for the item?

  10. Hello.
    Would you please add my name to your reservation list for Impossible Lab conversion kit direct to Mamiya RB67?

  11. Hi 🙂

    I love shooting with my RB and I’ve recently started enjoying instant film. I came across your site only for the excitement to end as you are out of stock 🙁

    Can I join the waiting list for an assembled impossible lab?

    Is there a waiting list for just the conversion kit?

    Do you ship to the UK, and at what price?

    Keep up the great work, Thanks!

    1. Hi!
      Yes I ship to the UK, shipping rates vary according to speed. DO you have an IP lab to mod? I’ll take orders for those in about two weeks, I need to clear up the order backlog. Doe your lab have a good battery too? I sell replacements too.


      1. Hi Alin!

        Thanks for getting back to me.

        I sent you a reply to the email you sent me and Onigiri.

        No, I don’t have an IP Lab. Unfortunately, they are very hard to get a hold of here in the UK. Do you check and replace the battery on all Labs before shipping?

        Thanks 🙂

    1. done! also, expect an email too (from alintolea at gmail dot com, that’s me, i have just received a shipment of IP labs.)

  12. Hey there,
    Same as above, I’d love to get on the waitlist!
    I can’t wait to get back into Polaroid on my RB67!
    I’d need the entire package as I don’t have an IP Lab to mod.
    Let me know!

    1. done! also, expect an email too (from alintolea at gmail dot com, that’s me, i have just received a shipment of IP labs.)

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