2 thoughts on “How to use the Analogue.Studio RB67 Polaroid Back

  1. Hi,

    Am I right that the pictures will turn out reversed with your polaroid back on the RB67?


    1. Hi Thomas!
      It’ll be mirror reversed (left / right), you are correct! That is the case with all these backs. Integral Polaroid film was designed for use in a camera with a built in mirror, that made the cameras more compact and even foldable like the original SX70. But this results in mirror reversed images when the film is used in cameras with a straight optical path. For RB67s used with a waist level finder, the image will match what you see in the WLF exactly though -since the WLF images are mirror reversed too, making the composition easier. And most people won’t ever notice the picture you give them is mirror reversed since that’s they way they see themselves in the mirror or selfie shots!

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