FujiGX680 (all versions) Polaroid Back (itype/type600/sx70 film)


Polaroid Back for the Fuji GX680 series of cameras (any version).

This uses currently available Polaroid film ( itype / type 600 / SX70)

I will be on vacation from May 26th-15th. Any order placed before June 15h will ship the week of June 23rd or later.

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Introducing a modern Polaroid Back for the amazing Fuji GX680 series of cameras (any version).

This uses currently available Polaroid film ( itype / type 600 / SX70), expired or not.

It’s still based on the now rarely available and discontinued Impossible Labs (but stay tuned, I’m working on using a different support), so the stock is priced accordingly to the market price of Impossible Labs.

Only available as a complete back for now, though a kit version may be available in the future.

As it’s the case of _all_ film backs using Polaroid film, the image will be mirror reversed (left /right in this case).

Also, the Fuji GX680 film mask cuts a bit into the image corners, see the sample image in the gallery, nothing I can do about it.

NOTES for use:

  • -mount the film back in portrait position with the Analogue Studio logo up – back rotates into that position like a regular film back. It should lock into vertical position.
  • -remove the dark slide before shooting!
  • -place the camera into “multiple shots” position
  • -image will fill the WLF, disregard the “landscape” frame marks (those black wings on top and bottom)- note image in gallery that shows the approximate image area.
  • -don’t forget to replace the dark slide before removing the back.

Due to the relative tightness of the system, and physical dimensions of the Impossible Lab, the focus plane is off by precisely 4mm, as in you lose 4mm of focusing range. This will _not_ allow infinity focus, but with the standard 135mm 5.6 “kit” lens will allow you to focus as far as ~ 6m, enough for most practical purposes for Polaroid Shots. If you use tilt, do keep that in mind, but otherwise you’ll see what’s happening on the focus screen.

To compensate for this, I have designed a spacer for the focusing screen (you will need to remove the focusing screen, then install the spacer underneath), as well as a WLF mount that goes on top of the now shifted up focus screen and allows you to secure the WLF in place. All spacers are included.

See the corresponding Rescue Me section for a demo on use and installation of this product.

All orders for this product have a 2 weeks lead time.

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