Impossible Project Lab Battery Replacement How To

So your beloved Impossible Lab gave up the ghost and won’t charge anymore. No wonder, that battery inside is very old by now and has definitely met its timely demise.

But there’s hope! I now sell standalone replacement packs for IP Labs and this handy guide will show you how to replace the battery.

You will need:

  • A Phillips (cross) #00 screwdriver
  • (optional) tweezers (to manipulate those tiny screws)- don’t lose them please
  • patience

contact me on instagram if you need help!

2 thoughts on “Impossible Project Lab Battery Replacement How To

  1. Looks like your the man!! I bought a rezivot impossible lab back (from Rezivot) for my MUP.
    Worked for two frames before the draw mechanism failed..had that repaired, then got covid and lock down. Didn’t use for over a year . When I went to use it..zilch, nada…not even after 24 hrs charging.

    So could be the battery ( the reason rezivot stopped production) which I believe you supply a new version of?

    If all else fails I could consider a new purchase. I have all the models…MUP and the “G” adapter for rb67 backs and the 600se…I could even send it to you for repair/service??

    Cheers…desperately hoping you can help…models still love Polaroids!!


    1. yeah, sounds like your battery is dead. i don’t believe revivot replaced them (in hindsight, yikes!). if you’re handy with some tweezers and a small philips screwdriver, you can definitely buy a spare from me and to it yourself.
      otherwise i’m happy to do the service for you.

      just buy the product you need, then contact me for the my shipping address if you need to send it for service.



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