Impossible Lab Polaroid Back for Polaroid 600SE cameras / Mamiya Universal Press – – itype, type 600, SX70 film


Lead time on all adapter kits/ backs is 4 weeks

Impossible Lab conversion kit for Polaroid 600SE OR Mamiya Universal press (please make a selection, they are NOT interchangeable) Full automatic eject. Sideways mounting, dark slide use preserved. Free lifetime service and battery replacement, return shipping included.

For a completely converted back, select “yes” under “add Impossible lab”


Lead time on all adapter kits/ backs is 4 weeks

This is an adapter kit to transform your Impossible Project Lab into a integral film back for your beloved Polaroid 600SE or Mamiya Polaroid 600SE.

You’ll be able to use all new Polaroid Film on the market ( itype film, type 600, SX70), as well as old stock Polaroid Integral film (type zero, type 600).

This is NOT for instax film.

They are of course two different products and are NOT interchangeable, so please select the appropriate back for your camera.

This is just the adapter kit, you will need a fully functional Impossible Lab ( NOT the new Polaroid Lab). Contact me if you’re sure what you have.

Or course, I also sell completely converted labs using my kit, just select the lab as an option (subject to availability, I don’t always have them in stock, and they’re getting scarce). Ask before ordering.

This latest iteration requires the user to glue one of the parts to the Impossible Lab during assembly. For this reason, for US buyers I recommend you ship the Lab to me for modding, I’ll mod and ship it back to you for the same price as the kit.

This retains all the automatic eject function of the original Impossible Lab (unlike my competitors out there).

Because it’s mounted _sideways_, it also retains the use of the dark slide!

This new version also allows the user to shoot in both “landscape” (camera horizontal) mode, with the resulting polaroid print having the chemistry on the side, or “portrait” (rotate the camera clockwise 90 degrees, there’s even a tripod socket, but the lab may interfere with the use there..), and voila, chemistry is on the bottom, as intended.

I also offer a battery replacement as an option if your lab has a weak or dead battery.

All complete backs sold by me (as in you selected Add Impossible Lab) come with a new battery, and free lifetime replacement service for the battery.

Price is shipped CONUS, please do contact me for shipping outside US, I will send you an invoice with the correct shipping amount reflected.


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Add Impossible Lab

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6 thoughts on “Impossible Lab Polaroid Back for Polaroid 600SE cameras / Mamiya Universal Press – – itype, type 600, SX70 film

  1. Hi, I have a mamiya super 23 and normal film backs.
    Will your back work? How much for complete set up? Thanks Joe

    1. Hi Joey,
      Unfortunately no. The back needs that extra abck focus that the MUP have thanks to the M adapter. All complete IP Lab based backs are $300.

    1. yes! for what camera, MUP or P600SE? kit or complete back?

      let me know, i’ve just received a shipment of IP labs and I can make a few backs.

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