Analogue Studio RB67 Polaroid Back (nextgen) how to

Here’s a short video tutorial on using the new version of the Analogue Studio Polaroid Back for Mamiya RB67.

In short:

  • remove the revolving adapter from the camera (it unclasps on the bottom)
  • mount the Polaroid back instead, clasp it back
  • turn on the Polaroid back – little switch on the back
  • eject the film pack dark slide (silver pushbutton on the side)
  • meter, focus, frame, shoot
  • eject the print, keep in frogue tongue for a few seconds, then remove and place face down for a few minutes – should be visible after 5 mins or so and completely developed in about 30 minutes
  • turn of the back and replace the dark slide when you’re done shooting
  • Back is powered by 4 AAA batteries in a battery holder under the cover. Should last you for 30-40 packs. Remove the silver screw with a penny or a screwdriver to access the battery holder
  • If you get two photos ejected in the same time (happens when you leave the pack in the back for a while as humidity will make prints stick to each other): turn off the back, open the film door, forcefully pull the prints one at the time

And now the video:


2 thoughts on “Analogue Studio RB67 Polaroid Back (nextgen) how to

    1. All my Polaroid Backs, IP Lab based or these “nextgen” backs work with any integral film (SX70, Type 600 or Itype) or even older 10pack/box integral Polaroid film (time zero, etc).
      The backs have their own power so they do not depend on the battery in the sx70 or type 600 film to power the motor.
      The only exception is the new postage stamp size Polaroid GO film, which of course it will not work in full size Polaroid cameras or backs.

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