Mamiya Instax Wide / Instax Wide Camera for Mamiya Universal Press Lenses*


Mamiya Instax Wide = Fuji Instax Wide 300 adapted to use Mamiya Universal Press  (MUP) Lenses. Motorized (but not automatic) eject. Best for 100mm 3.5 or 90mm 3.5 MUP lenses (*lens NOT included).


This is a Fuji Instax Wide Camera adapted to use Mamiya Universal Press (MUP) Lenses. A lens is _not_ included, but they are available on ebay at very reasonable prices.

This is a fully manual camera, including the focusing. Estimate/measure the distance and dial it on the lens barrel, MUP lenses come with built in focusing helicoid marked with both feet and meters. I routinely use my own Mamiya Instax Wide with a 100 3.5 lens for portraits at 1m (minimum) focus distance and 3.5 (wide open) and photos come up sharp just estimating the 1m.

Needless to say, these being _real_ lenses, they have a PC socket for off camera strobes.

While this works with all MUP lenses, I recommend you use this mod with a Mamiya Universal Press 100 3.5 lens or the 90mm 3.5 lens, it _will_ vignette with much more expensive 100mm 2.8 or the 65mm 6.3, as well as the This is due to an internal light shield in the camera, not because of my adapter.  I have not tried it with the 127mm 4.7.

The eject action is wired to the power button, and you’ll have to keep it down till one photo ejects then let go.

I made a couple of small improvements over the “other” solution out there, with standard features as a built in tripod socket with metal mount and an accidental eject shield over the power/eject button.

I also added 3d printed cold shoes brackets and a cable release holder/bracket on the body.

Shipping is free for US destinations. Contact me for a paypal invoice reflecting that for destinations outside US, the shop is not setup for free international shipping.

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4 thoughts on “Mamiya Instax Wide / Instax Wide Camera for Mamiya Universal Press Lenses*

  1. Hi,

    Love the look of the instax back with mamiya lenses. I have a lomo instax wide camera and I just can’t get along with the thing. I also have a cameradactyl that takes mamiya press lenses and think this could fit me really well. Please let me know if/when you start making these again!



    1. Hi Lee,
      Thanks! They really do work great! I’ll start making these in mid June once I have my 3d printing lab up and running again! I’ll reach out to you once I have one in stock.

      Thanks again!

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