Polaroid 110/ 110A / 110B / 120 to Lomograflok modification service


Polaroid 110A / 110B / 120 to Lomograflok modification service (Lomograflok is removable). Uses your own Polaroid 110A/B/120 and Lomograflok.

Does NOT come with a Polaroid Land camera or a Lomograflok

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Introducing a modification service for your own Polaroid 110, 110a, 110b or 120 that will allow you to use your Lomograflok with these wonderful cameras.

Why would one bother doing this? The Polaroid 110 / 110a/110B/120 cameras are folding rangefinder cameras with full manual shutters, with apertures down to F 4.5 (110), or F 4.7 (110a,110b, 120), and shutter speeds from B (and T on 110), 1s to 1/400s (110), 1/300s (110a, 110b), and 1/500s (120) !

If you never used one of these nor a Lomograflok, please watch the demo on the corresponding Rescue Me page!

I routinely shoot 1/4s-1/8s handheld shots at maximum aperture in very low lit places like bars or concert venues and the prints come out beautifully and with amazing blurred backgrounds.

Aperture goes all the way to F:45 (of F:90 for the Polaroid 110b or 110a with a hole in the cap)!

You don’t need to go that low though, for full sunshine I meter and shoot at 1/300 f:22 or so and its just right.

And did I mention a working _rangefinder_? You can focus down to 3ft with any of these 4 models, and all but the 110 have parallax corrected framing*.

The Lomograflok simply slides in and out, and it ejects up, thus resulting in photos with correct orientation (chemistry down).

The modified camera comes with a convenient cover that slides onto the graflock rails to protect the lens and bellows from dust.

I am offering this as a modification service for your own Polaroid 110, 110a, 110b, or 120.

You are sending me your Polaroid Land 110, 110A / 110B / 120, I am modifying it and sending it back to you.

Your camera needs to have a good working shutter, good bellows and a good rangefinder patch (Polaroid 110B dichroic mirrors are especially prone to aging and a faint rangefinder patch).

The rangefinder also needs to be in working order. I can re-calibrate it, but I cannot fix a broken rangefinder. Ask questions before ordering anything please.

I am using the exact camera you are sending me and cannot improve upon it. If you want bellows to be replaced, that’s an additional cost ($60), please inquire.

You also need to have/purchase your own Lomograflok. I don’t sell these. I don’t need you to send me your Lomograflok (please don’t!).

If you don’t get a shipping price do contact me for realistic shipping price back to you. These are heavy and shipping is NOT included in the price of the camera.  The package weight is about 4lbs.

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