Impossible Lab / IP I1 camera Battery Replacement


Battery Replacement Service for Impossible Labs or Impossible Project I1 cameras.



Battery replacement for your Impossible Lab or for Impossible Project I1 camera.

This will NOT modify your original lab / camera in any way. The replacement pack is the exact shape and size with the original battery pack.

This is NOT a customer upgrade, I do not sell the batteries, but a service that requires you to send me your unit for service. Price includes return shipping to the United States.

In the case of Labs, I will also need to unglue the front metal plate, and attach it back if you so desire.

For labs sent to me to be turned into Polaroid Backs for Mamiya Universal Press / Mamiya RB67 or  Impossible Project Polaroid Back for Mamiya RB67 (only) or Impossible Lab Polaroid Back for Polaroid 600SE cameras / Mamiya Universal Press, there’s a discount for the upgrade, please visit the product page to add it to the cart and pay in the same transaction as the battery replacement.

For IP I1 cameras, I don’t have a conversion option yet, so I offer just battery replacements for now.

To reiterate, price for standalone upgrade includes return shipping to USA. Please contact me for return shipping to other countries, as I will need to invoice you for this.

Additional information

with conversion to Polaroid Back

yes, no

IP Lab or I1

IPLab, I1 Camera

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