Polaroid Back for Mamiya Universal Press / Mamiya RB67

The main reason I purchased a Mamiya RB67 a few years back was to shoot Polaroid Peel Apart film with it. I was coming too late, as the only remaining peel apart film, Fuji FP-100C was discontinued just a couple of years after that.
At that time I started looking into other solutions to shoot instant media with the RB67 and that coincided with the commercial launch of the Polaroid Originals (now just Polaroid) reborn integral Polaroid Film! With its square format, a little larger than the RB67 frame, it was a natural choice.
As there is no commercially made film back for an RB67 that will alow you to shoot integral Polaroid film, one needs to cobler one from a device that processes Integral Film (such as the rare and hard to find CB-70 Back, or the still discontinued but easier to find Impossible Project Polaroid Lab).
I made my first RB67 Polaroid back from an Impossible Lab + a piece from a NPC Polaroid Adapter for RB67. It involved lots of plastic scraping, epoxy, and electrical tape, it had no dark slide, but it worked! I actually made 3 of those.
But then I decided to make one by using 3D printed parts, and taking a cue from the injection molded kit sold by the Taiwanese company Rezivot.

Thus the Analogue Studio RB67/Mamiya Universal Polaroid adapter was born. This is still an adapter to convert an existing Impossible Lab to a full fledged, dark slide included, Polaroid Back to be used either on a Mamiya RB67 via a P adapter, or on a Mamiya Universal Press (no P adapter required, but no dark slide functionality and the image has chemistry on top).

It’s entirely made in Washington, DC, USA, and each kit it assembled, checked, verified then disassembled and it can be yours!

Each kit contains:

  1. A replacement top for the Impossible Project Instant lab. This comes with Mamiya Universal Press connectors and the face details is designed to mate with a Mamiya P adapter for the Mamiya RB cameras. The P adapter is available separately, inventory permitting. This part is designed such that the resulting RB67 photo is centered on the Polaroid frame.
  2. A box to house the Polaroid Lab electronics/eject board, attached to a bracket made to be installed on the replacement top. The box itself has snap on covers to allow the installation of the connecting ribbon from the lab and of the plastic eject button.
  3. All the necessary screws (with a few spares), and one spare eject button
  4. A “check dark slide” board to remind you that unexposed ejected photos are no fun :D. You can stick this anywhere on the camera as you wish. I used double sided tape for mine. Or not use it at all.

Head out to the Rescue Me page for instructions on how to disassemble the Impossible Project Lab and attach the Analogue.Studio RB67/Mamiya Universal Polaroid adapter.

You can buy the kit only, the kit + a P adapter, or you can buy a fully converted Impossible Lab from me, with or without a P adapter.

Head over to the Candy Store if you’d like to buy one!

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