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Photography Sessions. Instanta and/or 4″x5″ slides in transparent acrylic mounts with individual backlights.

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Photography sessions on Instant Film and/or 4×5 Slides

Freeze time and book a photography session with me. Available in the Washington DC Metro Area, and at customer cost, in other locations.

Instant Photography sessions include 14 shots on Polaroid Integral Film with my Mamiya RB67. Recommended for artistic headshots, or single/couple portraits.

Add on or book only a large format session, 4″x5″ slides mounted in magnetic acrylic mounts, each provided with individual backlit mounts for an amazing look on your desk. Each backlit mount include a brightness adjustable power supply.

You will get the actually mounted 4″x5″ slides, these are not prints on plastic and look fundamentally different.

Package is priced for 4 slides/mounts. I only recommend the slide package for adults/ older kids, as it requires the subjects to stay relatively imobile during the shoots.

Natural or portable studio lighting with black/white backdrops. My products are suited best for individuals or small groups, not large gatherings.

I am also happy to scan the Polaroids and Slides for you at no extra charge and provide you with digital copies, but that will add 1 week and I would need to mail you the Polaroids back.

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Polaroid Session

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Color Slide Session

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