Polaroid 110B / Instax Wide Back

Introducing a completely manual Instax Wide Camera!

This is a professional Polaroid 110B instant film camera from the 1950s, modded to accept a Instax Wide back.

The camera comes with the original Ysarex 127mm F:4.7 lens , 1s-1/300s and B settings, with aperture from F:32 to F 4.7, and a F:90 pinhole cap.

It features cable release and flash connectors (on the lens).

The 110B model features an excellent coupled rangefinder and a focus scale from 3ft to infinity.

The Instax Wide back is created from a Lomo Instant Wide camera, preserving a very convenient mechanical film counter!

As of February 2021, it also features automatic eject! Press the eject button on the back ONCE (about 1s) and the camera will automatically eject the picture!

The back is completely detachable from the camera, and the connection is made using Polaroid 600SE style connectors.

The camera and back come in an original Polaroid Leather case.

Contact me if you’d like one made!

6 thoughts on “Polaroid 110B / Instax Wide Back

  1. I would be interested in buying this camera and back. 2 questions: would it be possible to make it with the mamiya universal connectors, which are nearly the same as the 600SE? would the back also fit an original 600SE/mamiya universal?

    kind regards

    1. Hi Reinhard!

      Unfortunately, I cannot use MUP connectors, I don’t have the “female” part. I can easily print the MUP claws, but without the “clamp”, can;t do much.

      This won’t work on an actual Polaroid 600SE, I cannot match the flange distance, not enough room.

      If you’d like a camera, do place an order. The price is for CONUS, international postage is extra. I haven’t figured that part of the woocommerce shop yet..

  2. thanks for your answer. flange distance seems to be the main problem of instax backs. your pricing is superb, seen what you get. IMHO the camera is the best polaroid ever made, I had one converted to pack 100 film.

    I was just looking for a back for my different MUP cameras. and I would have loved to have a 100b for free with the back 🙂

    I wish you good luck with your project. seen the price, I’m sure people will love it. instant fans, go for it! you will not regret it. long live instant wide!


  3. Hi Jonathan,

    It does NOT, because of the 110a viewfinder/rangefinder position. I am looking into making that happen somehow, but again, it does not work in the current iteration.


    1. Hi Trevor,
      I am taking a break from those momentarily, they are a LOT of work. Also, the Polaroid 110Bs are very hard to find at a reasonable price these days. If you have a Polaroid 110B in good working order (shutter speeds correct, rangefinder working), I can certainly do it, and the price would be $450 shipped back to you.

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