Instant media is magic you can touch, hold, keep and destroy. Each photo is unique, impossible to exactly replicate and a treasure you can gift.

This page is dedicated to my uniquely created instant cameras and instant camera backs, using old and new cameras and adapting them to  use modern and currently available instant media (Polaroid integral film or Instax media), as well as adding better lenses and 100% manual control to existing Instax cameras.

Explore each of the below products and contact me if you need one of them. Each of my camera or backs is built to order, tested, and goes through a thorough quality control process.

Polaroid 110B / Instax Wide Back

Polaroid 110B rangefinder camera with detachable Instax Wide Back!

Impossible Lab to RB67

Polaroid Back for Mamiya Universal Press / Mamiya RB67

Did you ever want to shoot available Polaroid Integral Film in your Mamiya RB67? Now you can! Use our Analogue Studio RB67/Mamiya Universal Polaroid adapter and an Impossible Project Lab and voila, Polaroids with your Mamiya RB67!

4 thoughts on “Magic

    1. Unfortunately nothing yet, I have the necessary starter parts and it’s doable (rezivot did it too), but it’s not going to be happening earlier than Fal 2021.


  1. Hi anything for a mamiya pro tl with instax mini !! missing fp film !! good luck with your great ideas ! love your photos


    1. Hi John,
      I haven’t done any mini mods yet, but there’s seems to be a market for them for sure. I’ll look into instax mini mods for 645 cameras, some may be more doable than others depending on backfocus.
      I’d expect to have something by october, I need to get a film back for it first to be able to figure out the connection.

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