Polaroid 110B with Instax Wide Back


Polaroid 110b with Instant Wide Back / Full Build / Customer Provided Parts.

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This is a custom modded Polaroid 110B with a detachable Instant Wide Back

I AM CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK OF Polaroid 110B bodies. I can only accept limited orders with your own Polaroid 110B body. (March 2021)

The camera has a working, and calibrated, coupled rangefinder, and the Instant Wide Back has a working mechanical frame counter.

Eject action is wired to the “flash” selection button on the back of the camera, and as of February 2021, is one button! When you want to eject the print, you just press the eject button once (about 1s) and voila, automatic eject!

Product is generally custom built on request. Color of the back varies according to the color of the instant wide support available. (I currently have one white and one Brown Leather/Silver Trim Lomo Wide)

I also can also use your Polaroid 110b and/or Lomo Instant Wide camera.

I cannot currently use any other instant wide supports (as in Fuji Wide 300, 200, 210, etc)

Turnaround time from payment to shipping is about 3 weeks, give or take a few days.

Price includes shipping CONUS.

For international orders, contact me and I can estimate shipping separately and send you a paypal invoice.

Additional information

Customer Provided Lomo Instant Wide

yes, no

Customer Provided Polaroid 110b

yes, no

5 thoughts on “Polaroid 110B with Instax Wide Back

    1. sadly, same answer (for now), i can only work with 110Bs for now. I am working on a 110a/120 solution..

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