DISCONTINUED Impossible Project Lab Polaroid Back for Mamiya Universal Press / RB67


DISCONTINUED ! This is the shop page for purchasing a Polaroid Instant Lab back adapter for Mamiya Universal Press / Mamiya RB67 cameras, or a fully converted Impossible Lab (full automatic eject preserved).

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This product is now DISCONTINUED. Please see the separate versions for MUP or RB67.

Impossible Project Polaroid Back for Mamiya RB67 (only)


Impossible Lab Polaroid Back for Polaroid 600SE cameras / Mamiya Universal Press


  • information below is for reference only

This is the shop page for purchasing a Polaroid Instant Lab back adapter for Mamiya Universal Press / Mamiya RB67 cameras.

The base price is for the adapter only. You will need an Impossible Project Instant Lab (NOT the new Polaroid Lab sold by Polaroid) to make this into a functional Polaroid instant back.

A completely assembled kit is available as an option from the dropdown menu.

For use with Mamiya RB67 cameras, a P adapter is also required (not included in the base price, also available as an option)

Most of the adapter parts are 3D printed using black PLA.

You have the option of a different color for the top of the adapter / any other parts (including the check dark slide “sticker”), for a small extra fee.

You also have the option to purchase a completely converted Impossible Project Lab, with or without a P adapter. This is subject to availability. Please be aware that Impossible Labs are not made anymore and the battery performance varies (I only sell units with decent batteries, but cannot guarantee a top performing battery as I buy these used)

My conversions retain all the automatic eject function of the original Impossible Lab (unlike my competitors out there).

Turnaround time from ordering to shipping is as follows:

For the standard (all Black) kit, 4 business days

Adding a P adapter (if not in stock) and /or an Impossible Lab makes this 10 business days.

Any only a custom color will push the turaround time to 7 business days, but of course, if ordering a complete kit + custom color, the turadound is just 10 business days.

Additional information

Color of Top / Other Parts

Standard (Black), Custom (Please Specify in order notes)

P adapter (for RB67)

None, Included

Impossible Lab

None, Included

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