5 thoughts on “Hsq – Hasseblad Instax Square is now a reality

    1. Yes! I made it / tested it using my own 500 c/m. In fact, I _bought_ a 500 c/m JUST to make this.
      It works with all series V Hassleblads (except the ELM, the motor drive interferes with the current version. I may make a V2 to work with that though..).
      I have parts to make a few more, find it in the Candy Store. Do keep in mind though that any order now will ship in January, I have a backlog and with the guaranteed holiday shipping disaster coming, i won’t risk putting these in the mail too late in December.

      1. Awesome! My husband just ordered one! And is the Polaroid 600 the only type that will work with this back?

        I’m sorry for all the questions!

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