two Impossible Labs on the way, also more Mamiya Instax Wides soon, and yes, maybe the Hasse Instax SQ :D

If you’ve expressed interest in a complete Polaroid back for your RB67, MUP or P600SE, I have two Impossible Labs on the way so that means some of you will get notifications of availability, be on the lookout for an email from me ( alin tolea) sometimes next week.

Also, I have a complete Mamiya Instax Wide almost dolled up with all the brackets, etc, just waiting for the cable releases, and have two more Fuji Instax wides to be converted, so I should have 3 of these ready by next week!

And yes, I may have found a solution to build that motorized Hasse Instax SQ back after all, upright frames and automatic frame counter and automatic eject, but I no dark slide, at least for the prototype. No promises, BUT i may something working in a week, No additional anything needed for infinity focus.

8 thoughts on “two Impossible Labs on the way, also more Mamiya Instax Wides soon, and yes, maybe the Hasse Instax SQ :D

    1. Hi Mona,

      I only make Polaroid backs using Impossible Labs, those would be all square, and use polaroid film, not instax (which would be wide or square). Also, the RB67 film mask is too small (72x72mm) to cover the width of the instax wide film, so that’s a waste..


      1. Ah, I see. I’m sorry. I usually relate the word Instax with Fujifilm’s film.

        I didn’t happen to find it posted for sale/available on your website. How much are you selling it for?

        1. Oh I see. The Mamiya Instax wide I’m mentioning is a standalone camera body, but a camera back, go the the Candy Store and you shall find it. I have one made, but not in the store, let me know if you want it.


          1. I would love to purchase an instant back that would work for my Mamiya RB67, if you have them or are able to!

          2. Hi Mona Lisa,
            I don’t have any Impossible Labs in stock to convert to make complete backs, but if you find one, I can convert it for you (for the price of the conversion kit). I can also replace the battery (the original is most probably dead).

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