post emulsive review order backlog and lead time

A hopeful if tardy update of the orders situation post -review in Emulsive.

I am currently catching up on orders, and JUST shipped my first (kit only) order in line from mid April.

Bear with me. I anticipate to get all those mid April orders out in the next two weeks. You will receive an email update as I print out the label in Paypal and ship.

Also, for the customers on the waitlist, I will make a bit of progress on that too, I have about 6 IP labs coming my way. I will keep everyone posted once I’m done shipping the mid april orders and I can get onto the new ones.

Also, for now and till I make a sizeable dent in the shipping backlog, any new order will have about 3 weeks lead time from the moment of payment. Apologies, again I’m a one man shop with a day job too..

Thanks again!

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