new projects in work

Just a quick note with projects currently in the works:

  1. a instax wide back based on Fuji 300W, slimmer, and possibly slim enough to maintain the Polaroid 600SE / MUP film distance. At the minimum, this will allow me to use Polaroid 100a/120 for the instax wide mods. This will also be a manual back, not motorized, operated by a single hand crank. About 15% completion (I have figured out one of the masks).
  2. a Polaroid 600SE kit for the Impossible Labs. This is still in conceptual phase, it’s not hard in principle, but have not taken the time to replace the claws in my existing kit. With some luck, prototype expected by August 30th.
  3. a battery replacement for the Impossible Labs! I have found a replacement battery requiring minimum modifications to the Impossible Labs and already made the switch, it charges and holds a good charge. Completed 50%, as in  have yes modded the lab to be used as a polaroid instant back, the only way I test these now. Test expected by Wednesday August 26th
  4. An instax square back for Hasseblad series V. This is my most ambitious project to date (and I actually went ahead and purchased a Hasseblad 500CM just to be able to test these). Really looking for a solution that would require the least destruction to the instax square support, and I believe I have found one, but the cost will be substantial, as is based on very expensive Fiber Optic Plate to move the focal plane enough to allow an elegant motorized solution. (may also be able to maintain the automatic timed eject).  I have just obtained the necessary Fiber Optic Plate (at a crazy price). Any working solution will be priced around $700 and that will barely cover the materials (as of now). Completion stage is about 10%, as in I have the materials and have opened the support and can do a manual motorized eject (a button pressed to eject). Earliest estimate for completion of a working prototype is end of September 2020.

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